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Microsoft Word 2016

These three Microsoft Word courses (introductory, intermediate and advanced) will guide you through the program tools that enable you to create perfectly designed documents, which you can then share with other users.


Managing Your Professional Digital Profile

This course aims to assist learners in establishing the skills required of a professional when using digital social media and communication tools.


Presentation Skills

This training will provide people at any level, in any sector, with guidance that will help them develop good presentation skills. Topics include preparation, communication, overcoming anxiety and control under pressure.


Data Protection at Work

This course will provide you and your workers with a general overview of the Data Protection Act (DPA) and its implications in the workplace. The training material is followed by a short assessment to ensure thorough understanding.


An Introduction to Social Media in Business

This training module provides businesses with an understanding of social media as well as providing straightforward advice and guidance on implementing a successful social media campaign.


Slips, Trips & Falls

This course has been created with businesses in mind and will ensure organisations are able to reduce the risk of slips, trips and falls in the workplace. This in turn will reduce the risk of injury and unwanted expenses.


Continuous Improvement Techniques (Kaizen)

This online course will provide you and your team with an understanding of the Kaizen ‘Continuous Improvement’ philosophy to help them maximise value throughout their business.


Awareness of Legionnaires Disease

This module has been designed to help raise awareness of Legionnaires' disease by explaining how outbreaks might occur, and highlighting water systems that have a potentially high risk of developing the Legionnella bacterium.


Welding Safety – An Introduction

The aim of this short training module is to raise understanding and awareness of the safety issues associated with welding. This module is designed to be a pre-requisite for anyone starting a course on welding.


Manual Handling

This online Manual Handling module provides learners with the knowledge they need in order to reduce the chance of incurring an injury whilst manually handling loads in their work environment.


Fire Safety Training

This online fire safety course helps you to fulfil an Employers obligation by providing your staff with the knowledge and understanding required to act safely in the event of a fire in the workplace.


Health & Safety in the Workplace

This module is targeted primarily at businesses or individuals who are self-employed; however, it will also be of use to anyone who would like to increase their awareness of health and safety in the workplace.